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Ardyss International Frequently Asked Questions - Ardyss DISTRIBUTOR FAQs

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What are the different ways of joining Ardyss International?

  • Power Pack: Ideal for someone who wants to maximize profits through the bonuses and commissions available only through the power pack program. You become eligible by joining the power start program.
  • Autoship: Ideal for people who want to consume the products and automate their business.
  • Membership: It is ideal for people who just want to buy and sell the products.

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  • What documents should I send when joining Ardyss?

    How do I change the placement of my personal enrollees?


    What is the Ardyss Direct Sales commission?

    What is the Ardyss Express Bonus?

    What is the Ardyss Enrollment Relationship Bonus?

    What is the Ardyss Unilevel Bonus?

    This bonus pays 5% of the Value Points (VP) of all purchases made for your organization through a set number of levels. The higher your rank, the deeper you can collect. Compression applies on this bonus. Compression are those levels that do not have qualified purchases and are not taken into account (they are jumped) making the Distributor get more earnings in depth. It is essential to meet the minimum monthly purchase to qualify for this bonus.

    What is the Ardyss Generational Bonus?

    What is Ardyss Car Bonus?

    What is the Ardyss Rank bonus?

    What is the Ardyss Presidential Pool?

    What is the $3,000 Ardyss Presidential Pool Bonus?


    What is the Ardyss Power Start?

    What are the goals that I have to meet in the Ardyss Power Start program?

    How many Bonuses exist in the Ardyss Power Start Program?

    What is the Ardyss Power Pack Bonus?

    What is the first working month in Ardyss Power Start?

    What if I don't buy the Ardyss Power Pack when I Join Ardyss?

    When will I receive my first Ardyss Power Start check?

    What is the minimum purchase that an Ardyss Distributor has to make to be considered as active?

    What is the Ardyss Matching Bonus?

    Is there a cost for issuing Ardyss commission checks?


    What are the benefits to be enrolled in Ardyss AutoShip (Recurring Order)?

    How can I change my Ardyss AutoShip?

    What products can I purchase in my Ardyss AutoShip?


    How do I place an order when I am an Ardyss Distributor?

    What forms of payment are accepted?

    Can I change or cancel an Ardyss Distributor order?

    How do I know the status of my Ardyss Distributor order?

    What is Ardyss Back Order and how does it work?


    How and when will I receive my commission checks?

    What is the Ardyss Distributor minimum monthly personal purchase?

    What is the 1099 Form and when do I receive it?


    How many product lines does Ardyss have?

    Where are Ardyss International products manufactured?