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Relieves tiredness and the bothering back pain.

This Ardyss shapewear is specifically designed for the working woman, relieving back aches brought on by poor posture.


  • Provides a semi-orthopedic feel that helps correct your posture
  • Helps to modify poor posture.
  • Relieves the tired bothersome back pain especially during long hours on your feet.
  • The transverse bands act as a support to the back muscles and help reduce the size of the waist.

  • Slim Shaper Black

    Cinturilla Vedette.jpg

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    Reduce your clothing sizes effortlessly.

    This latex is an extracted natural product from a tree (called “Serenguera”) found in the rain forests of Brazil. It’s combined with the natural fibers of cotton to produce an unusually comfortable and hypo-allergenic garment.


  • Eliminates the appearance of extra weight in the back and the waist.
  • Complements other reshaping garments.
  • Activates the sweat glands, helping to burn fat.
  • Consider using with with the Ardyss Reducing gel.

  • Angel Bra

    Angel Bra Beige.jpg

    Please check how to measure for correct fit
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    Our renowned worldwide high fashion garment is made with the highest quality standards in materials as well as in their manufacturing and finishing processes in order to provide support and comfort in a unique firming and shaping design.

    Use the Ardyss size calculator to determine your proper bra size and the right style for your body.

  • Supports and maintains good form and assists in correcting posture.
  • Molds the breasts to either equalize, increase or decrease the appearance of yourbreast size.
  • Ideal for those involved in sports.
  • Helps alleviate premenstrual tenderness.
  • Helps to form the shaping of the breast.
    A to KK and special sizes by special request.

  • Panty Girdle

    Panty Faja Blanco.jpg

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    Define your figure and flatten your abdomen.

    Contains a special strip to control the waist line, to shape the hip, and style the overall feminine figure.


  • Enhances your buttocks.
  • Defines your hips.
  • Controls the waist line.

  • High Waist Girdle

    Faja Alta Beige.jpg

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    Shape your abdomen and hips.

    Marvelous garment, made with PowerNet that controls from under your breast to the upper part of your legs with an elastic stretch for good circulation. A good support of the abdomen to control both bands in the buttocks.


  • Enhances your buttocks, molds the upper part of your legs, controls the waist, as well as helps to compact larger areas and gives ultra light, soft and comfort stretch.

  • Lumbocare

    Faja Lumbar.jpg

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    Relieve stress on your waist and back.

    This belt is specially designed with two bands that provide gentle pressure on the abdomen and help relieve spinal stress. It is beneficial for the hips and helps relieve tense back muscles.


  • Maintain proper shoulder back posture.
  • Designed to maintain a stylish figure.
  • Includes cross sectional bands that relax the back muscles
  • Seven flexible rods help to style the body and maintain excellent posture.

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  • Faja Plus Blanco/Plus Girdle White

    Faja Plus Blanco.jpg

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    Flatten your abdomen and shape your buttocks.

    Its main function is to support the lower abdomen and uses special reinforcements to smooth irregularities and to protect internal organs.


  • Applies a smooth and firm pressure to the abdomen.
  • Repositions and smooths any irregularities in the abdomen & crotch.
  • It prevents fat accumulation in the crotch.
  • It is excellent for enhancing the hips.

  • Faja Posparto Beige/Postpartum Girdle

    Faja Postparto.jpg

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    Recover your body shape.

    Smooth the appearance of the lower abdomen after childbirth.


  • Helps with a speedy recovery after childbirth by encouraging the internal organs to reposition themselves into their proper location.
  • Compresses the uterus encouraging the easier expulsion of clots.
  • Helps prevent hemorrhages and provides proper support so you can be fully mobile in caring for your baby.
  • Assists the muscles of the abdomen and the back.

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