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Ardyss Maternity Girdle

Panty embarazo blanco.jpg

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Indispensable for the pregnant woman.

Helps prevent complications in the pregnant woman, providing needed support and comfort during pregnancy.


  • Provides comfort and support for the body on the mother from the third month to delivery, by providing needed support.
  • Initiates a more balanced center of gravity
  • Reduces strain on the spine
  • Provides support for the pelvis during the period of pelvic softening.

  • Ardyss Corselette Sensacion Blanco

    Corselette Sensacion Blanco.jpg

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    Reduce your waist and rest your back.

    This Ardyss shapewear is carefully designed to create a smooth, more streamlined and comfortable figure. It is excellent in beginning the reduction of a large waist and to maintaining a straight and rested back.


  • An exquisite garment designed for the stylish figure that maintains a proper shoulder back posture.
  • The back of the garment includes cross sectional bands that relax the back muscles.
  • The seven flexible rods help to style the body and maintain excellent posture.

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