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Ardyss Body Magic Long

Body Magic Long - Click here to Buy Body Magic Long

Body Magic
How to find your Body Magic Long Size
Pull measuring tape around your THORAX
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Body Magic Long does not include bra

Body Magic how to measure

Body Magic Long shapewear from Ardyss is designed to reshape your lower body. It focuses on the area just below the breast to just above the knees, gradually molding your figure into an "hourglass". Over time, the body magic long redistributes the fat around your body to more desirable areas.

Body Magic restroom breaks just got a whole lot easier

Here is my body magic at work ...

body magic shaper

The body magic long is a brand new product from Ardyss International. It has just recently launched and we are proud to carry this worthy complement to the original body magic.

Now let us introduce the body magic long. The Ardyss Body Magic long has a very comfortable fit and every care has been taken to eliminate the "pinch points" that you would normally find in a traditional girdle. It picks up where the body magic leaves off and extends the surface control effect all the way to just above the knees giving all day smoothing and shaping in a way that no other shapewear garment can do. The material is of the same grade as that used for burn patients, and is superbly engineered for comfort and durability - thus the body magic long feels like a second skin all day long. Also, as you can see from the actual ardyss body magic long pictures, taking restroom breaks just got a whole lot easier with the body magic long. As a reputable Ardyss Distributor, we only supply genuine factory-warranteed body magic long shapers direct from Ardyss International. So not only do you get the best price on body magic long, you will get one of the best body shapers on the market today. So go ahead and buy body magic long with confidence from our store !

Correct measurement is key to getting the right size for your body magic long. The process and the sizing numbers are the same as for the traditional body magic. All you need is a measuring tape held snug around your thorax. Use the picture and the table above to check your size and then place your order with confidence. If you do not have a measuring tape, then use the body magic long size estimator based on your pants or dress size. But remember that this number is only a rough guess and the best way to get your correct body magic measurement is to use a measuring tape.

We run occasional body magic coupons at which time we have body magic long coupon available when we do body magic long sales. Thank you for stopping by and we are sure you will find we have the best body magic price on the web.